Which Country is best to Study MBA

Dear Student,

There are so many countries from where you can take your master degree. Student are always concerned about which country is best to study MBA.

MBA Degree from Abroad

which country is best for MBA


Before choosing the right country you have to consider many points such as, which University, what will be the fees,

what will be the expenses, exactly how much it will cost me and much more.

Following are the few key points that will help you in choosing correct option

1) UK – The course duration is just one year. Fees are comparatively  less than USA, CANADA, AUSTRALIA

Drawback is that they dont have the long duration of work permit after completing the course.

2) Singapore- Duration again of One Year. Fees are less than any other country.

You get the degree from singapore + UK . You can travel to UK from there.

Work permit of one year after course .

3) USA – Duration will be of 2 years . Fees will be on higher side. Getting VISA is quite Tough.  You get Work Visa of 1 year after completing the course.

There are more option but the above three are most chosen for doing MBA degree.

To know more and if you are having any queries which you would like to sort off feel free to call us on 9763082333  or mail us on smita@qbixacademia.com



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3 Responses to Which Country is best to Study MBA

  1. eknath says:

    study mba in germany

  2. taha ansari says:

    Hello i’m studying In abrod country ….. so which country is best for MBA and job ….. how much fee

    • Hello Taha,
      First we need to understand your profile/requirement then we will be in better position to answer your queries.
      But in short i can tell that FRANCE is right now is the best destination do your MBA program because the duration of study is 12 months in which 4-6 months paid internship in the company, and after passing your MBA you will get 1 year work permit of entire Europe.
      Course will be taught in English so the language is not the barrier.
      Fees is approx 8000 euros for entire program. so its cost effective as well comparing with other destination looking the prospects after MBA.
      If you wish go ahead with application process then kindly send your resume on admission@qbixacademia.com then our expert will be in touch with you.
      Thanks and regards,

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