Masters in Computers and World Ranking of Canada Universities

Masters in Computers and related courses of Computers And Entry Requirements for Universities .

                                      World Ranking of Computers Courses of Canada

University Name World Ranking Master’s  in Computer /Related Course Entry Requirement
1..University Of Toronto 20 Computer Engineering 1.IELTS : 6.5 score req.

2.TOEFL(iBT) :Min.  93 req.

2. University of British Columbia 43 1. MSc. in Computer Science IELTS : 6.5 score req.
3.. McMaster University 49 Masters in Computer


1)IELTS  : Score 6.5 req.

2)TOEFL (IBT): 86 score req.

4. Mc Gill University 64 1. .Masters in Computer Engineering

2. M.Sc. Bio informatics

3. 3.Msc. Computational science  and Enginering

1.TOEFL (Paper based): 600 score req.

2.TOEFL(IBT):overall 100 score req.

2.IELTS : Overall 7.0 score req.

5. University of Alberta 96 Computing Science IELTS : 6.5 score req.
6.. University of Calgary 108  

Masters of Science(MSc)(Course based)

IELTS :Score 7 req.
7. University of Waterloo 134 1.Masc 1.IELTS:  7.0 score req.

2.TOEFL : 90 score req.

3.GRE:  N.A.

8. University of Victoria 205 Master of Applied Science  IELTS : 6.5 score req.
9. Simon Fraser University 225 Masters in Computing Science  IELTS :-6.5 score req.
10. York University 226 MSc.  in Computers  IELTS :- 6.5 score req.
11.. Queen’s University




1.MSc. in Computer Science

2.MSc. in Cyber-Security

3.Msc in Software Development

1.IELTS : 7 score req.
12. University of Manitoba (winnipeg) 238 MSc .Computer Science IELTS : 6.5 score req.


13.. University of Ottawa 284 Masters in Computer IELTS :- 6.5 score req.
14. University of Saskatchewan(saskatoon 307 MSc.Computer Science


1.IELTS :6.5 score req.

2.TOEFL (IBT) :80

15.Dalhousie University 315 1.Mcs


1.IELTS: 6.5 score req.

2.TOEFL :-minimum 79 score req.

16.Concordia University(Computers/engineering 336 1.Masters in      Engineering

2.MSc. in Computers

3.Ph.d in Computers

4.Bachelor in Engineering

1.  IELTS : score 6.5 req.

2.  TOEFL (IBT):

90 score for Computer Engineering too

17. Memorial University of Newfoundland 443 Computer  

IELTS: score6.5 req.

18. Université  Sherbrooke 447 Master of Comp. Science IELTS : 6.5 score req.
19. University of New Brunswick 652


1.Mcs(Research based Program)

2.MCS(Course Based Program)

3.Mcsc(Intrested  In Research)


IELTS : 6.5 score req.


20. University of Regina  727 MSc. in Computer Science IELTS :6.5 score req.
21. Brock University 827 Msc. in Computer Science 1.IELTS : score 7 req.
22. University of Lethbridge 890 Master of Science(MSc) IELTS :6 score req.
23. Lakehead University 1153 Msc. Computer Science  

IELTS : 6.5 score req.

24. University of Ontario Institute of Technology 1343 MSc.  in Computers 1.TOEFL (IBT) :83-87 Score req.

2.IELTS :6.5 score req.

25. Acadia University 1477 MSc. in Computer Science 1.IELTS : score 6.5 req.
26. Royal Military College of Canada 2377 MSc in Computer Science IELTS :score 7.0 band req.

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