“Masters in Mechanical Engineering” with World Ranking Universities of Canada

Masters in Mechanical Engineering and other Courses in Canada with World ranking Universities and also the Entry Requirements  for the Courses .

Name Of University

World ranking

Course name

Entry requirement

Toronto University 19 Masters in Engg IELTS,TOEFL,GRE
    Industrial engg IELTS:7.0
      TOFEL(Paper bsd:580
MCGill University 38 M.engg IELTS:7
  TOEFL (IBT) :92
Ottawa-Carleton University 394 Master of Engineering (Aerospace), IELTS :6.5
    Master of Engineering (Materials), TOEFL (PAPER BASED):580
    Master of Engineering (Mechanical), TOEFL (IBT) :86
    Master of Applied Science (Aerospace),  
     Master of Applied Science (Materials) and a  
    Master of Applied Science (Mechanical).
University of Victoria 51 Bachelor of Engineering (BEng), IELTS :6.5
     Master of Engineering (MEng), TOEFL (PAPER BASED):550
    Master of Applied Science (MASc) and TOEFL (IBT) :80
    Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) programs  
    Mechanical Engineering IELTS+70% MARKS
University Of Guleph 390 1.Bilological engg  
    2.Environmental Engg  
    3.Engineering Systems  
    4.Computing Engg  
    5.WATER Resources Engg
Dayton University 162 Mechanical Engineering 1.GRE-280/290
2.TOEFL score-80
      3.65% academics
      4.16yrs Academics
      only cosider for masters
University of Manitoba(winnipeg) 351 MSc. Mechanical Engg IELTS :6.5
  TOEFL (IBT) :80
University of Saskatchewan 473 MSc. In mechanical IELTS :6.5
    Engineeering TOEFL (PAPER BASED):550
      TOEFL (IBT) :80
University of westren Ontario(London) 1.Msc in Mechanical 1.IELTS :6
    2.Materials Engineering 2.Toefl (IBT):86
  476 1.Mechanical engg 1.IELTS :6
    2.Industrial engg 2.Toefl (IBT):86
    3.Doctor of Philosophy(Ph.D)  
    4.Master of Applied Science (MASc)  
Dalhousie University(Truro) 315 1.Master of Engineering (MEng) IELTS :6.5
    2.Master of Applied Science (MASc)  
    3.Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)  
University of New Brunswick(Fredericton) 652 MScE IELTS :6.5
    Ph D  
Concordia University 1.Mechnaical engg(Ph.d) IELTS :6.5
    2.Industrial Engg(Ph.d) TOEFL:563
    3.Mechnaical Engg toefl(ibt):85
    4.Industrial Engg  
    5.Mechanical Engg(MASC)  
    6.Industrial Engg(MASC)  
    7.Aerospace Engg  
Alberta University 71 1.Masters in mechnaical engg IELTS :6.5
    2.Master of science TOEFL(PAPER BSD):550
    3.PhD toefl(ibt):85
    4.Engineering Mangement  graduate degree program  
    a)Master of Science (MSc)
2. Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD)
University of Waterloo 152 1.Mechnaical Engineering IELTS :7
  2.Masters in Mechatronics TOEFL (IBT) :90
  3.Master of Applied Sci(MASC)
  4.Green Energy Graduate Dip(Gdip)
  5.doctor of philosophy(Phd.)
Mc master university 149 1.Master of applied science(MASC) IELTS :6.5
    2.Master of Mechnical Engg  
    3.Doctor of philosophy(Ph.d)  
    4.Master of Engineering Design  
    5.Master of Engineering, Entrepreneurship,  
    & Innovation  
  6.Master of Engineering & Public Policy
  7.Master of Engineering in Manufacturing  
Queens University


1.Masters in mechnaical engineering
2.masters in Applied Science(MASC)
3.Doctor of philoshpy(PH.d)
4.chemical engg
5.Computer Engg
6..Civil Engg
7.Enggineering Chemistry
8.Engineering physics
9.Geological Engineering
10.Mathmatics and engineering
11.mining Engineering
IELTS :6.5
Calgary University




1.Masters in Mechanical Engg
2.Masters in  Science
3.Doctor of Philosophy(Ph.D)
IELTS :6.5


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