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  1. Ruchi shatma says:

    I am Ruchi shatma from Pune.Currently i am persuing my B.E degree.I am in my 5th sem now.I am doing my engineering in Electronics and communication.I wanted to ask the following questions:
    1) Which are or will be the top universities for doing MS now and after 2016
    2) What if I have a aggregate of 55% in my engineering and a 300+ Score in GRE and a good score in Tofl.Can i get admission in Germany?
    3) If not in Germany where can i get admission with this score?

    Kindly send me your Pune branch number along with the reply.Thank you

    • This is to your online query,

      1) We will do the research based counseling for every students, so that can be guided to students once they enroll with us for our counselling services,

      2) It becomes really tough if your average is 55% and 300 GRE score for admission to TOP universities in abroad, In Germany may be some university can give admission, it depends by that time. You also need to have good German language skill apart from GRE, IELTS and academics,

      3) Some universities in Ireland, NewZealnd, Australia, USA, UK will be possible destination if your percentage is low.

      4) Our Pune address is as follows:
      QBIX ACADEMIA, 59B, 1st floor, 302-Ragvilas Soc, Lane-C, Koregaonpark, Pune – 1,

      • Ruchi sharma says:

        Currently I am doing German learning course along with engineering. I wanted to ask does degree aggregate really matters if you have got good marks in the entrance exam?.What if score good marks in entrance and my aggregate still reamins the same 55% or a bit above.
        Kindly provide your academy contact number for counselling.

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