“Masters in Mechanical Engineering” with World Ranking Universities of Canada

Masters in Mechanical Engineering and other Courses in Canada with World ranking Universities and also the Entry Requirements  for the Courses .

Name Of University

World ranking

Course name

Entry requirement

Toronto University 19 Masters in Engg IELTS,TOEFL,GRE
    Industrial engg IELTS:7.0
      TOFEL(Paper bsd:580
MCGill University 38 M.engg IELTS:7
  TOEFL (IBT) :92
Ottawa-Carleton University 394 Master of Engineering (Aerospace), IELTS :6.5
    Master of Engineering (Materials), TOEFL (PAPER BASED):580
    Master of Engineering (Mechanical), TOEFL (IBT) :86
    Master of Applied Science (Aerospace),  
     Master of Applied Science (Materials) and a  
    Master of Applied Science (Mechanical).
University of Victoria 51 Bachelor of Engineering (BEng), IELTS :6.5
     Master of Engineering (MEng), TOEFL (PAPER BASED):550
    Master of Applied Science (MASc) and TOEFL (IBT) :80
    Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) programs  
    Mechanical Engineering IELTS+70% MARKS
University Of Guleph 390 1.Bilological engg  
    2.Environmental Engg  
    3.Engineering Systems  
    4.Computing Engg  
    5.WATER Resources Engg
Dayton University 162 Mechanical Engineering 1.GRE-280/290
2.TOEFL score-80
      3.65% academics
      4.16yrs Academics
      only cosider for masters
University of Manitoba(winnipeg) 351 MSc. Mechanical Engg IELTS :6.5
  TOEFL (IBT) :80
University of Saskatchewan 473 MSc. In mechanical IELTS :6.5
    Engineeering TOEFL (PAPER BASED):550
      TOEFL (IBT) :80
University of westren Ontario(London) 1.Msc in Mechanical 1.IELTS :6
    2.Materials Engineering 2.Toefl (IBT):86
  476 1.Mechanical engg 1.IELTS :6
    2.Industrial engg 2.Toefl (IBT):86
    3.Doctor of Philosophy(Ph.D)  
    4.Master of Applied Science (MASc)  
Dalhousie University(Truro) 315 1.Master of Engineering (MEng) IELTS :6.5
    2.Master of Applied Science (MASc)  
    3.Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)  
University of New Brunswick(Fredericton) 652 MScE IELTS :6.5
    Ph D  
Concordia University 1.Mechnaical engg(Ph.d) IELTS :6.5
    2.Industrial Engg(Ph.d) TOEFL:563
    3.Mechnaical Engg toefl(ibt):85
    4.Industrial Engg  
    5.Mechanical Engg(MASC)  
    6.Industrial Engg(MASC)  
    7.Aerospace Engg  
Alberta University 71 1.Masters in mechnaical engg IELTS :6.5
    2.Master of science TOEFL(PAPER BSD):550
    3.PhD toefl(ibt):85
    4.Engineering Mangement  graduate degree program  
    a)Master of Science (MSc)
2. Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD)
University of Waterloo 152 1.Mechnaical Engineering IELTS :7
  2.Masters in Mechatronics TOEFL (IBT) :90
  3.Master of Applied Sci(MASC)
  4.Green Energy Graduate Dip(Gdip)
  5.doctor of philosophy(Phd.)
Mc master university 149 1.Master of applied science(MASC) IELTS :6.5
    2.Master of Mechnical Engg  
    3.Doctor of philosophy(Ph.d)  
    4.Master of Engineering Design  
    5.Master of Engineering, Entrepreneurship,  
    & Innovation  
  6.Master of Engineering & Public Policy
  7.Master of Engineering in Manufacturing  
Queens University


1.Masters in mechnaical engineering
2.masters in Applied Science(MASC)
3.Doctor of philoshpy(PH.d)
4.chemical engg
5.Computer Engg
6..Civil Engg
7.Enggineering Chemistry
8.Engineering physics
9.Geological Engineering
10.Mathmatics and engineering
11.mining Engineering
IELTS :6.5
Calgary University




1.Masters in Mechanical Engg
2.Masters in  Science
3.Doctor of Philosophy(Ph.D)
IELTS :6.5


Most cost effective Post graduate Diploma in Canada

Northern Lights College Canada’s Most Cost Effective

most affordable PG Diploma in Canada

Majority of the popular programs have tuition fee of $ 4425 per semester- one of the lowest among all SPP participating institutions.
Post Graduate Diploma in Business
Business Administration Diploma
Social Service Worker Diploma 
For complete list, please click here

Small class sizes, lot of personal attention, low tuition and affordable on-campus housing and homestays, free wireless and on campus computer usage, natural lifestyle (fishing, camping, hiking, outdoor sports, wildlife, Aurora Borealis), friendly people on campus, and safe city, many volunteer opportunities, great environment with a small number of international students studying alongside Canadian students in a peaceful city with no crowds and local employment opportunities for students who have completed six months of academic programming.

As the “Energy Capital” of the Province, the City of Fort St. John is a retail, service and industrial centre and offers big city amenities with small community friendliness. ALL of the international students studying at Northern Lights College who qualify to work have jobs that pay at least $10.25 per hour

All applications can be sent to admission@qbixacademia.com
Point of contact for applications and followups:-   +91 97630 82333

Best Regards,

Points to be considered for a Successful Student Visa for Canada

Please find below a summary of the points to be considered for successful Canada student visa as per the feedback received from one of our represented colleges during the course of their meeting with Immigration officers in Toronto.

  1. Online Visa Applications are processed 50% faster.
  2. Visa approval rate from India lowest of the 10 source countries at 60%.
  3. All other countries had 80% approval rates for Visa.
  4. The CIC looks favorably at applications  of students having 60% and above for PG and programs involving customer interaction.
  5. The same criteria is seen for students going for a technical program.
  6. For some professions like Physiotherapy and Dental, academics with less than 55% will be viewed as low performances.
  7. For programs like Business and Accounting, the marks in Accounts , English and Maths should be above 60%
  8. 60% marks will be viewed as base marks and approval will be accorded to students with higher marks first
  9. IELTS for PG and other technical programs and programs relating to the fields that involve direct interaction with customers will be accepted with 6.5 not less than 6.0
  10. For pure technical programs 6.0 not less than 5.5 will be accepted.
  11. Though as per the CIC website 6 not less than 5.5 is the indicated IELTS score, first priority will be given to students with a higher IELTS score.
  12. The 2 year business and business accounting  programs  are losing out on Job opportunities in the Corporate world since students completing these 2 year programs  end up with work in Petrol pumps, Malls, Corner stores, these programs are not being viewed as Skill enhancement programs.
  13. Gaps in studies cannot be more than 2 years for undergraduates and not more than 5 years for Graduates. However priority will be given for those students who have relevant work experience to the program applied. If this is not so it will be viewed negatively.
  14. Backlogs in subjects especially core subjects are being viewed with caution. Repeat in subjects of failure i.e. 2 attempts,  are also being viewed with caution.  Though maximum backlogs allowed is 10 anything above 5 are being viewed with caution.

Canada college which Accepts IELTS 6.0 bands for PG Diplomas!!!

Selkirk College, Canada

 – SPP participating institution

– Estd. 1966, the Oldest B.C. College

 New – Accepting Post Graduate Diploma Applications on

overall 6.0 bands IELTS.


4 months paid work experience 

 in the field. 

Opportunity to enroll in Co-op Education which integrates students’ academic study with related work experience in cooperating employer organizations. This program consists of four-month work terms that allow students to access unique experiential learning. Co-op work terms are administrated as regular course work with both cost and reporting requirements.   Benefits include maintenance of full-time student status as well as access to employment and experience unavailable outside of the Co-op Program.

Business Management Post Graduate Diploma

Business specialists such as human resource managers, marketing professionals, accountants, and entrepreneurs are among Canada’s top 10 highest paid personnel.

Duration: 2 years
Tuition Fee: $ 4475 / semester

Business and Tourism Management Post-Graduate Diploma

Currently, approximately 115,000 direct tourism jobs in B.C which  is one of the premier tourism destinations in the world

Duration: 2 years
Tuition Fee: $ 4475 /semester

Business Adminsitration Diploma

University transfer to third year of Bachelor’s degree to University of Northern British Columbia, Royal Roads University & Thomson Rivers University-Online

Duration: 2 years
Tuition Fee: $ 4420 / semester

Send your documents to smita@qbixacademia.com | +91-97630-82333

Fanshawe College, Canada

Given below are the important details about Fanshawe College, Canada.

Location         :           London, Ontario, Canada
Tuition Fees    :           $ 12,000 to $ 15,000 CAD
Intake             :           September, January, May
Website          :           www.fanshawec.ca
Application Fees :      $100

Why Canada?

1)      The Population is only 35 million (3.5 crore) and 2nd largest land area in the world.

2)      Canada has a Developed and Stable Economy.

3)      Canada is the only Debt free country out of G-8 countries.

4)      Canada has lot of energy resources.

5)      Canada has skill shortage, aging population and Canada is in need of young talent so they welcome international students.

6)      PR through Canadian Experience Class – From 1st may if you have studied in Canada and have worked for 12 months, you are eligible to apply for PR under Canadian Experience class.

7)      Most of the Canadians are helpful in nature.

Why London?

1)      London is s 10th Largest city of Canada.

2)      Population is only 500000.

3)      Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver are the only big cities in Canada, rest all are midsized cities.

4)      London is only 2 hrs from Toronto.

Why Fanshawe College?

1)      Fanshawe is located in London City which is “Beautiful & Safe Multicultural Community.

2)      Fanshawe College is one of the largest Colleges in Canada.

3)      Public Funded & Govt. College, Covered under SPP Program.

4)      Fanshawe College has been providing real world career training for more than 40 years as a full-service Government of Ontario community College.

5)      17000 total students out of which 1200 are international Students.

6)      Only 580 students from India.

7)      95% employment rate in Business school of Fanshawe College Canada.

8)      Rated no 1 in infrastructure in Ontario.

9)      ISB – International Student Barometer has ranked no1 in the world for learning.

10)  110 acres campus with 18 independent buildings.

11)  Batch size is maximum 35-40 students.

12)  Highest Numbers of Co- op(Internship) Programs available.

13)  College take Maximum of 7 days to issue offer letters.

14)  Fanshawe College Credit can be transferred to Universities across Canadian, Australia & American. One of them are “ THE UNIVERSITY OF WESTERN ONTARIO”. Fanshawe can assist for receiving “Conditional letter of Acceptance” for further detail visit web site:- www.uwo.ca.

15)  Maths is required in 12th only for engineering programs.

Student Services by Fanshawe College:

1)      Free Airport pick up.

2)      Free 3 nights’ accommodation is provided by the college.

3)      1600 students capacity residence.

4)      Assistance in finding the permanent accommodation.

5)      Students gets free bus pass.

6)      Get conditional offer letter for IELTS and final year results.

7)      Fanshawe College administers its own Home stay Program made up of a wonderful network of caring Canadian families.

Programs Offered      : Graduate Certificates, Undergraduate Advance Diploma, Undergraduate Diploma.

Graduate Certificates:

1)      Practical Elements of Mechanical Engineering.

2)      Information Security Management

3)      Game Development – Advanced Programming

4)      Concierge Services – Guest Relations Specialist

5)      Artisanal Culinary Arts

6)      Human Resources Management

7)      International Business Management

8)      Marketing Management

9)      Professional Financial Services

10)  Project Management

11)  Corporate Communication and Public Relations

12)  3D Animation and Character Design

13)  Advanced Filmmaking

14)  Audio Post-Production

15)  Broadcast Journalism – Television News

16)  Interactive Media Specialist

17)  Visual Effects and Editing For Contemporary Media

18)  Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

19)  Technical Costume Studies

20)  Autism and Behavioural Science

21)  Child and Youth Worker (Fast Track)

22)  Developmental Services Worker (Fast Track)

23)  Early Childhood Education (Fast Track)

24)  Magnetic Resonance Imaging

25)  Social Service Worker (Fast Track)


PG 2 Year Combined Programs

Students option to go for a combined PG programs i.e they can combine any two PG programs and receive a combined offer for two years. Here are some suggestions for the combined programs

1) ISM + Project Management
2) Practical elements of Mechanical Engineering + Project Management
3) Marketing Management + Corporate Communications and Public Relations
4) IBM + Professional Financial Services

5) IBM + Marketing Management
6) ISM + Interactive Media Specialist
7) 3D animation and character design + Visual effects and contemporary media

and more..

Scholarship Opportunities available

1)      IELTS Score of 7.0: $500 scholarship.

2)      IELTS Score of 8.0: $1000 scholarship.

3)      IELTS Score of 7.5 and 60% in previous education: $1000 scholarship.


Send your applications for September 2013 intake to


Mob: +91 97642 77042

Study Social Service Worker Diploma Program at Northern Lights College

Program Description

The Social Services Worker Diploma program provides opportunities for students to acquire the necessary knowledge, skills and qualifications to enable them to work in the human services worker field.

Career Prospects

Paraprofessionals in a variety of social service and health agencies. Typical jobs include Financial Assistance Worker, Youth Probation Officer, Residential Service Worker, Social Work Assistant, Mental Health Worker, Family Support Worker, Supported Employment, Community Living Worker, Transition Houses, Women’s Programs, Aboriginal Support Worker, and Family Violence Worker.

Duration – 2 year (Qualifies for a 3 year Post-Graduation Work Permit)

Academic Requirements

– Applicants must hold a Grade 12 with minimum 50%

– Have an IELTS score of 6.0 with no bands less than 5.5

– Tuition fee, $ 4125 per semester

Offer Letter within 24 hrs!

 Why choose Northern Lights College ?

  • Small class sizes which means a lot of personal attention for every student.
  • First and second year university level courses many of which transfer to universities in British Columbia and across Canada.
  • Lower tuition and affordable on-campus housing and home stay.
  • Conditional letters of acceptance to ESL students.
  • We have highly qualifed teachers who are experts in their field.
  • Friendly people on campus, in our safe city and in the welcoming home stays.
  • Many volunteer opportunities.
  • A great environment with a small number of international students studying alongside Canadian students in a peaceful city with no crowds.
  • Local employment opportunities for students who have completed six months of academic programming

Contact for Admission on


Mob: +91 97642 77042

Masters for Engineers in Canada

Are your engineering students  (Mechanical, Manufacturing, Electrical, Computer Science etc) looking for an awesome opportunity in Canada, where they can study- work and settle?  
Where they have an opportunity to work for 4 months as coop with an opportunity to earn and get experience and an opportunity to work up to 3 years after graduation?   These courses are very much industry oriented and have excellent job opportunities in Canada.
After the popular demand and numerous requests- Conestoga College, Ontario introduces great programs at  Post Grad (equivalent to Masters) level in
Post Graduate Diploma programme in:
1. Mechanical Enginerring- Robotics and Automation  (new only 30 seats)
2. Embedded Systems Development
3. Mobile Solutions Development
4. Computer Applications Development
5. Global Business Management
This program is 2 years ( 3 Semester study and 1 semester work), starting in Jan 2014 and
  • Has been designed after consulting the industry.
  • Has 1 Co-op semester giving the student an opportunity to earn and get good work experience before the final placement. Last year at an under graduate level in Mechanical Engineering  students made between 16-22 CAD/hour, these are graduate students and we are hoping they will at least make the same amount if not more.
  • Graduate with a two year Post grad cert and be eligible for up to 3 years work permit.
  • Fee structure: first year tuition- $11000 plus $1400 medical insurance and service fees. Second year – $500 (coop fees) plus $5500 (academic semester fees) plus $ 1400. Approximate Total Cost of the program (both years) =  $ 20,000. Plus the new TAx.
I am sure you are aware that Conestoga is one of the leading colleges in Canada in Technology. We are located in the Technology Triangle of Canada -Waterloo Region.
Waterloo Region has:
  • 800+ tech firms in Waterloo Region
  • Over 300+ technology startups
  •  30,000 tech professionals employed in the local industry
  • More than 1,000 tech jobs currently available
  •  University of Waterloo, Wilfrid Laurier University, and Conestoga College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning
  • 98,000 post-secondary students, including 26,000 co-operative education students (58,000 full-time, 40,000 part-time)
  •  Waterloo Region has the second best performing economy among Canadian urban centres, according to a July 2011 report from CIBC
For complete list of UG programs please visit:    http://www.conestogac.on.ca/fulltime/
Entry Criteria: 
UG – 50% in 12th + IELTS 6 overall with not less 5.5 in each module
PG – 50% in Degree + IELTS 6.5 with not less than 6.0 in each module
Limited seats left. Very popular programs.
All applications can be sent to admission@qbixacademia.com
Point of contact for applications and followups:- BALUKESHWAR  at  +91 97642 77042.

Conestoga College – CANADA, March/May intake 2013

Just 57 miles from Toronto with plenty of PT jobs and opportunities
Open for Jan/March 2013 intake
PG Diploma Global Business Management
Open for May 2013 intake
  1. PDF Embedded Systems Development – 3 sem study, 2 coop = 3 year work permit
  2. PDF Advanced Mobile Solutions Development  – 3 sem study, 2 coop = 3 year work
  3. PG DIploma Global Business Management 
  4. PG Diploma Human Resource Management 
  5. PG Diploma  Project Management 
Entry Criteria: 

UG – 50% in 12th + IELTS 6 overall with not less 5.5 in each module

PG – 50% in Degree + IELTS 6.5 with not less than 6.0 in each module



All applications can be sent to admission@qbixacademia.com
Point of contact for applications and followups:- Mr. Balukeshwar : +91 97642 77042

New SPP rules & SSGP Process & Applicatio​n Form for CANADA

The CIC has changed the new rules. Now you must obtain $10,000 GIC and 1 year fee.

We are herewith all detailed information regarding the whole process depicting How & When it should be done.

Apply to Georgian College, Canada for Jan 2013 intake.


Only few days are left to apply for January 2013 intake in Canada.


Please find below some information about Georgian College.



  • College: Georgian College
  • Location: Barrie, Ontario, Canada.
  • CampusesBarrie, Orillia, Owen Sound, Midland, Orangeville, Muskoka and South Georgian Bay
  • Tuition Fees: CAD $10,600– 16,000* (*Included in fees: (Health Insurance, ID, Activity fees, Education Technology, Co-op).
  • Intake: September, January
  • Website: www.georgianc.on.ca/
  • Application Fees: CAD$ 100
  • Courses: Undergraduate Diplomas, Bachelor’s Degrees, and Graduate Certificates.


Send your applications today!!!


Some important details of Georgian College are given below:


Features of Georgian College:


  • Covered under SPP.
  • Founded in 1967, was established and is regulated through the Ministry of Training, College and Universities for the Province of Ontario.
  • Excellent full time diploma programs, many with co-op and apprenticeship opportunities.
  • Get a degree through many university partnerships including York, Windsor, and Laurentian University.
  • Student Services like huge library are available to improve chances of success.
  • Excellent student support services right on campus, including learning centers.
  • Georgian has been named one of the Top 100 Employers in Canada.


Entry Requirements :


  • Higher Secondary Certificate / Intermediate Certificate / Pre-University Certificate.
  • Statement of Marks.
  • Diploma / Degree certificate Mark sheets for each year of study.
  • Diploma/Certificate programs – IELTS with 6.0 overall and no band below 5.5.
  • Degree, Graduate – IELTS with 6.5 overall and no band below 6.0.
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing with York University – IELTS with overall of 7.0 and no band below 6.0. 


Kindly send all the application at admission@qbixacademia.com

Below is Programme List.

Programme List
Graduate Certificate
1 Computer Systems Technician – Networking – CSTN
2 Human Resources Management – HRMN
3 International Business Management – BINT
Bachelor’s Degree
4 Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BScN) Collaborative program – BSCN
Advance Diploma
5 Aviation Management – AVIA
6 Business Administration – BADM
7 Business Administration – Accounting – BAAC
8 Business Administration – Automotive Marketing – AUTO
9 Business Administration – Human Resources – BAHR
10 Business Administration – Marketing – BAMK
11 Child and Youth Worker – CYWK
12 Computer Programmer – COPR
13 Computer Programmer Analyst – COPA
14 Hospitality Administration – Hotel & Resort – HADM
15 Massage Therapy – MASG
16 Automotive Business  – AUBU
17 Business (Co-op) – BUSG
18 Business (non co-op) – BUSN
19 Business – Accounting – BACN
20 Business – Entrepreneurship  – BENT
21 Business – Marketing (co-op)- BMKT
22 Business – Marketing (non co-op) – BMKN
23 Culinary Management – CULN
24 Digital Photography & Imaging – DPAI
25 Early Childhood Education – ECED
26 Esthetician – ESTH
27 Fitness and Health Promotion – FHPR
28 General Arts and Science – GAAS
29 Hospitality Management – Hotel & Resort – HMGT
30 Law Clerk – LCLR
31 Office Administration – Executive – OFAE
32 Office Administration – General – OFAG
33 Office Administration – Legal – OFAL
34 Office Administration – Medical – OFAM
35 Opticianry – OPTI
36 Police Foundations – PFPR
37 Social Service Worker – SSWK
38 Tourism and Travel – TRVL
39 Web Animation and Design – WBAN
40 Practical Nursing – PNRS
41 Art & Design Fundamentals – AADF
42 Business Foundations – BUSF
43 Business Fundamentals – BSFN
44 Culinary Skills – Chef Training – CULS
45 Electrical Techniques – ELTQ
46 Event Management – EVNT
47 Gas Technician – GAST
48 General Arts and Science – 1 year – GASC
49 Human Service Foundation – HSFN
50 Personal Support Worker – PSWR
51 Plumbing Techniques – PLTQ
52 Pre Health Sciences – PRHS
53 Pre-Service Firefighter Education and Training – FIRE
54 Research Analyst – RAPP
55 Veterinary Assistant – VETA
56 Welding Techniques – WETC