Study in top ranking university in Netherlands : TU Delft University of Technology

Delft-University-of-Technology-Qbix Academia

Education In Delft University of Technology

Delft University of Technology offers 16 Bachelor’s programmes and over 35 Master’s programmes in the fields of science, engineering and design. All their Master’s programmes are taught in English, as well as (at the moment)  the Bachelor’s programmes Aerospace Engineering and Applied Earth Sciences; Universities other bachelor’s programmes are offered in Dutch.

A good balance between theory and practice, project work and hands-on experience at their outstanding research facilities, will enable you to gain the skills the engineer of the future needs. Delft students are typically inquisitive, pro-active, entrepreneurial and see opportunities in how to make things better.  They are not afraid to take on (global) challenges in order for their world to become a better place.


With over 100 nationalities, 30% of their master’s students, and even over 60% of their PhD students being international students, Tu Delft can honestly say that you will become part of a truly international community. And with partnerships with more than thirty universities all over the world and their close links with (inter)national industry, Tu Delft is enable their students to further increase their international experience.

Masters Courses

Computer Engineering


Computer Science


Construction Management and Engineering


Design for Interaction


Electrical Engineering


Embedded Systems


Engineering and Policy Analysis


European Wind Energy Master

Petroleum Geology


Structural Geology & Map Interpretation


Introduction to Aerospace Engineering

Analog Integrated Circuit Design


Lineaire Algebra 1



Geographical Information Management and Applications




Industrial Ecology


Integrated Product Design


Life Science & Technology


Management of Technology


Marine Technology


Materials Science & Engineering


Mechanical Engineering




Introduction to Reflection Seismics


Traffic Flow Theory and Simulation


Instaptoets wiskunde


Electrical machines and drives




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Study In Italy : Instituto Europeo DI Design

Study In Italy : Instituto Europeo DI Design


Advantages of studying in Italy:

Ø  Quality education in safe and modern environment.

Ø  English taught courses.

Ø  Schengen VISA.

Ø  High rate of success for Application and VISA.

Ø  Recent funds accepted for VISA.

Ø  International students are allowed to work part time.

Ø  Internship opportunities available.

Ø  IELTS waiver possible.

Ø  1 year post study work visa.



Documents Required for Applying:

Ø  Updated CV

Ø  Statement of Purpose (SOP)

Ø  Two Letters of Recommendation

Ø  10th & 12th std. mark-sheets

Ø  Semester-wise mark-sheets of Bachelor’s Degree/Transcripts

Ø  Degree Certificate or Provisional Degree Certificate

Ø  Passport Copy – First and Last Page

Ø  Work Experience certificate (if applicable)

Ø  Passport size photograph (scanned)

Ø  Skype id of the student

Ø  Design Portfolio

Ø  Plan of Previous Studies




Programs offered: The University offers a range of Program at Bachelors and Masters levels.

Please find attached the details of courses offered by the Institution.

Intake: April, September and October.

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 Study In Netherland MSM

Advantages of studying in the Netherlands : 

1.  Quality education in safe and modern environment.

2.  English taught courses.

3.  Schengen VISA.

4.  International students are allowed to work 20 hours per week.

6.  Post study work VISA of 1 year.

7.  Internship opportunities available.

Documents Required for Applying:

1.  Updated CV

2.  Statement of Purpose (SOP)

3.  Two Letters of Recommendation

4.  10th & 12th std. mark-sheets

5.  Semester-wise mark-sheets of Bachelor’s Degree/ Transcripts

6.  Degree Certificate or Provisional Degree Certificate

7.  IELTS / GMAT Score card for Master courses

8.  Passport Copy – First and Last Page

9.  Work Experience certificate (if applicable)



Programs offered:

Masters of –

  MBA – Master of Business Administration

Tuition Fees: 14250 Euros

Duration :         1 Year

Intake :            September

Application Deadline : 1st July


Application Fees       200 Euros

  Master in Management (MIM)

Tuition Fees  : 15500 Euros

Duration          : 1 Year


Intake               : September, February


Application Deadline : 1st July, 1st December


Application Fees       200 Euros


 Executive MBA in Sports Management

Tuition Fees  : 15500 Euros

Duration          : 2 Years


Intake               : September


Application Deadline : 1st July


Application Fees        200 Euros

  Master of Science in Management and Engineering (MME)

Tuition Fees    : 5000 Euros/Semester


Duration            : 2 Years


Intake                 : October


Application Deadline  : 1st March


Application Fees         : 200 Euros


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STUDY IN FRANCE: EPITA – Boost your Career in Engineering from 5th Ranking School of France!!!

Study in  france EPITA

Top Reasons for Choosing EPITA

  • Triple Accredited by EUR-ACE
  • Accredited by ECOLE
  • Accredited by the French Ministry of Higher Education
  • Offer Employment up to 90% Paid Internship On up to 37,000 Euros
  • 80% – 90% Student secure get job in Internship Com
Programs offered by EPITA

  • Bachelors of Computer Science
  • ME/MSc in computer Security
  • ME/MSc in information Systems management
  • ME/MSc in Software Engineering


Tuition Fees

  • Bachelor : 9.00 Euros PA
  • MSc : 12.400 Euros
  • ME : 8690 Euros* PA


About France

  • 3rd Leading Host Country for Higher Study
  • Highly Reputed for Quality Education
  • Sixth Largest Economy
  • Housing Allowance up to 40% to International Students by French Government
  • Paris Ranked as the best Student city – in 2015/16 by QS – 96% employer activity
Course Duration

  • Bachelors : 3 Years
  • MSc : 16 Months
  • ME : 24 Months


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“Masters in Mechanical Engineering” with World Ranking Universities of Canada

Masters in Mechanical Engineering and other Courses in Canada with World ranking Universities and also the Entry Requirements  for the Courses .

Name Of University

World ranking

Course name

Entry requirement

Toronto University 19 Masters in Engg IELTS,TOEFL,GRE
    Industrial engg IELTS:7.0
      TOFEL(Paper bsd:580
MCGill University 38 M.engg IELTS:7
  TOEFL (IBT) :92
Ottawa-Carleton University 394 Master of Engineering (Aerospace), IELTS :6.5
    Master of Engineering (Materials), TOEFL (PAPER BASED):580
    Master of Engineering (Mechanical), TOEFL (IBT) :86
    Master of Applied Science (Aerospace),  
     Master of Applied Science (Materials) and a  
    Master of Applied Science (Mechanical).
University of Victoria 51 Bachelor of Engineering (BEng), IELTS :6.5
     Master of Engineering (MEng), TOEFL (PAPER BASED):550
    Master of Applied Science (MASc) and TOEFL (IBT) :80
    Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) programs  
    Mechanical Engineering IELTS+70% MARKS
University Of Guleph 390 1.Bilological engg  
    2.Environmental Engg  
    3.Engineering Systems  
    4.Computing Engg  
    5.WATER Resources Engg
Dayton University 162 Mechanical Engineering 1.GRE-280/290
2.TOEFL score-80
      3.65% academics
      4.16yrs Academics
      only cosider for masters
University of Manitoba(winnipeg) 351 MSc. Mechanical Engg IELTS :6.5
  TOEFL (IBT) :80
University of Saskatchewan 473 MSc. In mechanical IELTS :6.5
    Engineeering TOEFL (PAPER BASED):550
      TOEFL (IBT) :80
University of westren Ontario(London) 1.Msc in Mechanical 1.IELTS :6
    2.Materials Engineering 2.Toefl (IBT):86
  476 1.Mechanical engg 1.IELTS :6
    2.Industrial engg 2.Toefl (IBT):86
    3.Doctor of Philosophy(Ph.D)  
    4.Master of Applied Science (MASc)  
Dalhousie University(Truro) 315 1.Master of Engineering (MEng) IELTS :6.5
    2.Master of Applied Science (MASc)  
    3.Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)  
University of New Brunswick(Fredericton) 652 MScE IELTS :6.5
    Ph D  
Concordia University 1.Mechnaical engg(Ph.d) IELTS :6.5
    2.Industrial Engg(Ph.d) TOEFL:563
    3.Mechnaical Engg toefl(ibt):85
    4.Industrial Engg  
    5.Mechanical Engg(MASC)  
    6.Industrial Engg(MASC)  
    7.Aerospace Engg  
Alberta University 71 1.Masters in mechnaical engg IELTS :6.5
    2.Master of science TOEFL(PAPER BSD):550
    3.PhD toefl(ibt):85
    4.Engineering Mangement  graduate degree program  
    a)Master of Science (MSc)
2. Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD)
University of Waterloo 152 1.Mechnaical Engineering IELTS :7
  2.Masters in Mechatronics TOEFL (IBT) :90
  3.Master of Applied Sci(MASC)
  4.Green Energy Graduate Dip(Gdip) of philosophy(Phd.)
Mc master university 149 1.Master of applied science(MASC) IELTS :6.5
    2.Master of Mechnical Engg  
    3.Doctor of philosophy(Ph.d)  
    4.Master of Engineering Design  
    5.Master of Engineering, Entrepreneurship,  
    & Innovation  
  6.Master of Engineering & Public Policy
  7.Master of Engineering in Manufacturing  
Queens University


1.Masters in mechnaical engineering
2.masters in Applied Science(MASC)
3.Doctor of philoshpy(PH.d)
4.chemical engg
5.Computer Engg
6..Civil Engg
7.Enggineering Chemistry
8.Engineering physics
9.Geological Engineering
10.Mathmatics and engineering
11.mining Engineering
IELTS :6.5
Calgary University




1.Masters in Mechanical Engg
2.Masters in  Science
3.Doctor of Philosophy(Ph.D)
IELTS :6.5


Masters in Computers and World Ranking of Canada Universities

Masters in Computers and related courses of Computers And Entry Requirements for Universities .

                                      World Ranking of Computers Courses of Canada

University Name World Ranking Master’s  in Computer /Related Course Entry Requirement
1..University Of Toronto 20 Computer Engineering 1.IELTS : 6.5 score req.

2.TOEFL(iBT) :Min.  93 req.

2. University of British Columbia 43 1. MSc. in Computer Science IELTS : 6.5 score req.
3.. McMaster University 49 Masters in Computer


1)IELTS  : Score 6.5 req.

2)TOEFL (IBT): 86 score req.

4. Mc Gill University 64 1. .Masters in Computer Engineering

2. M.Sc. Bio informatics

3. 3.Msc. Computational science  and Enginering

1.TOEFL (Paper based): 600 score req.

2.TOEFL(IBT):overall 100 score req.

2.IELTS : Overall 7.0 score req.

5. University of Alberta 96 Computing Science IELTS : 6.5 score req.
6.. University of Calgary 108  

Masters of Science(MSc)(Course based)

IELTS :Score 7 req.
7. University of Waterloo 134 1.Masc 1.IELTS:  7.0 score req.

2.TOEFL : 90 score req.

3.GRE:  N.A.

8. University of Victoria 205 Master of Applied Science  IELTS : 6.5 score req.
9. Simon Fraser University 225 Masters in Computing Science  IELTS :-6.5 score req.
10. York University 226 MSc.  in Computers  IELTS :- 6.5 score req.
11.. Queen’s University




1.MSc. in Computer Science

2.MSc. in Cyber-Security

3.Msc in Software Development

1.IELTS : 7 score req.
12. University of Manitoba (winnipeg) 238 MSc .Computer Science IELTS : 6.5 score req.


13.. University of Ottawa 284 Masters in Computer IELTS :- 6.5 score req.
14. University of Saskatchewan(saskatoon 307 MSc.Computer Science


1.IELTS :6.5 score req.

2.TOEFL (IBT) :80

15.Dalhousie University 315 1.Mcs


1.IELTS: 6.5 score req.

2.TOEFL :-minimum 79 score req.

16.Concordia University(Computers/engineering 336 1.Masters in      Engineering

2.MSc. in Computers

3.Ph.d in Computers

4.Bachelor in Engineering

1.  IELTS : score 6.5 req.

2.  TOEFL (IBT):

90 score for Computer Engineering too

17. Memorial University of Newfoundland 443 Computer  

IELTS: score6.5 req.

18. Université  Sherbrooke 447 Master of Comp. Science IELTS : 6.5 score req.
19. University of New Brunswick 652


1.Mcs(Research based Program)

2.MCS(Course Based Program)

3.Mcsc(Intrested  In Research)


IELTS : 6.5 score req.


20. University of Regina  727 MSc. in Computer Science IELTS :6.5 score req.
21. Brock University 827 Msc. in Computer Science 1.IELTS : score 7 req.
22. University of Lethbridge 890 Master of Science(MSc) IELTS :6 score req.
23. Lakehead University 1153 Msc. Computer Science  

IELTS : 6.5 score req.

24. University of Ontario Institute of Technology 1343 MSc.  in Computers 1.TOEFL (IBT) :83-87 Score req.

2.IELTS :6.5 score req.

25. Acadia University 1477 MSc. in Computer Science 1.IELTS : score 6.5 req.
26. Royal Military College of Canada 2377 MSc in Computer Science IELTS :score 7.0 band req.

Chester University MBA

Chester University MBA.

ISEP France 100% Employment Ratio after Master degree

ISEP france master degree


Accredited by the National
French Engineering Committee

100% Employment Ratio after Graduation
Gross Starting salary approx. 37000-40000 Euros on an average



  • Msc In Information Technology
  • Msc in Electronics & Telecommunication


  • Great success ratio of Indian students
  • 500 companies assists through programs & internships
  • Gross starting Salary Between 37,000-40,000 euros on an average
  • 100% Employment Ratio after Graduation
  • About 200 Foreign students per year
  • Awarded the EUR-ACE label (European Accreditation of Engineering Programmes)
  • 4-6 months paid internship during studies



  • 13,300 Euros


  • September


  • 30th June


  • | +91 97642 77042

STUDY IN FRANCE – Reasonable Fees – Well Paid Internships

ESC Dijon / Burgundy School

Study, internship, work permit in FrancePROGRAMS OFFERED

 Msc In International Business Development
 Msc in International Management
 Msc in Wine Business
 Msc in Wine Management
 Masters in Management(GMAT Mandatory)
 MSc in Advanced Corporate Finance
 MSc in Global Entreprenuership
 MSc in Global Marketing and Negotiation


 Inventing the Future for 110 years
 1700 students – 500 students coming from 50         nationalities


 Masters in Int Mgt : 9800 euros
 MSc in Adv Finance : 9800 euros
 MSc in Global Entreprenuership:9800 euros
 MSc in Global Mktg & Negotiation:9800 euros  Masters in IBD : 9800 euros
 Master in Wine Business:13,490 Euros
 Master in Wine Management: 11,480 Euros
 Masters in Management : 8500 euros for 1st         year and 8100 euros for 2nd year

100 euros for all programs


30th June

APPLICATION | +91 97642 77042 | +91 97630 82333

Most cost effective Post graduate Diploma in Canada

Northern Lights College Canada’s Most Cost Effective

most affordable PG Diploma in Canada

Majority of the popular programs have tuition fee of $ 4425 per semester- one of the lowest among all SPP participating institutions.
Post Graduate Diploma in Business
Business Administration Diploma
Social Service Worker Diploma 
For complete list, please click here

Small class sizes, lot of personal attention, low tuition and affordable on-campus housing and homestays, free wireless and on campus computer usage, natural lifestyle (fishing, camping, hiking, outdoor sports, wildlife, Aurora Borealis), friendly people on campus, and safe city, many volunteer opportunities, great environment with a small number of international students studying alongside Canadian students in a peaceful city with no crowds and local employment opportunities for students who have completed six months of academic programming.

As the “Energy Capital” of the Province, the City of Fort St. John is a retail, service and industrial centre and offers big city amenities with small community friendliness. ALL of the international students studying at Northern Lights College who qualify to work have jobs that pay at least $10.25 per hour

All applications can be sent to
Point of contact for applications and followups:-   +91 97630 82333

Best Regards,