About the Institution: The International Academy of Students (IAOS) is the International Institute of FHM (Fachhochschule des Mittelstands, Schwerin) a non-profit state-approved University of Applied Sciences.

International Programs – The International Academy of Students (IAOS) offers Pre-Bachelors and Pre-Masters programs for foreign students at the FHM Schwerin Campus for those who would like to pursue further studies in Germany. They are currently offering three programs for three different Student Categories –

  1. Pre-Studies Program (PSP) forforeign pupils who have completed their High School level (12 years of schooling).
  2. Inter Cultural Program for Freshman (ICPF) : ICPF Tech (For Engineers).
  3. Inter Cultural Program for Freshman (ICPF) : ICPF Med (For Medical Doctors).

Programs offered:

Pre Bachelors Program-

Ø  Pre-Studies Program (PSP) PSP is a one year program for students who have completed their 12th standard and would like to pursue their Bachelor’s in Germany but which would directly not be possible as the German Universities require 13 years of education. This course is designed for qualified international students who intend to enroll in a Bachelor’s program in Engineering, Medicine or Economics in Germany. Students are taught German language, related technical subjects and German culture and help the students from foreign countries to complete their 13th year of education as well. At the end of the coursework students can take an internal examination to study Bachelor courses offered at FHM University or take an external examination and apply to 180+ Universities in Germany.






Tuition Fees        : 17500 Euros for 1 year


Deadline             : 15th June, 15th January


Duration            : 1 Year


Intakes      : October, April


Currency Conversion: 1 Euro = Rs.75 Approx.




Pre Bachelors/Masters Program-


Ø  ICPF Tech ICPF Tech is a one year course offered by IAOS and FHM Schwerin with the objective to prepare international students (who have already completed their 13 years of education) for University studies in Germany. Its offered for Engineers from abroad. This program prepares students in German (A1-C1 level), Technical German and includes company/industry visits, seminars, social and cultural integration courses. At the end of the course, students need to write a final exam (Entrance for Bachelors/Masters). Upon clearing the exam, students are eligible to apply for German taught Bachelors or Masters studies across 180+ Universities in Germany.









Tuition Fees             : 9250 Euros for 1 year


Deadline                  : 15th June, 15th January


Duration              : 1 Year


Intakes                   : October, April


Currency Conversion:1 Euro = Rs.75 Approx.



Pre Masters Program-


Ø  ICPF Med – ICPF Med is a one year course offered by IAOS and FHM Schwerin with the objective to prepare international students for University studies in Germany. The course is designed for International medical doctors who have completed their Bachelors in Medicine (e.g. MBBS) or Diploma in Medicine/Surgery. Upon successful completion of the course, students shall pursue healthcare related courses across Germany. At FHM, a special Master program called MMA – Masters in Medical Administration, a highly career oriented coursework is also offered.






Tuition Fees                  : 10000 Euros for 1 year


Deadline                       : 15th June, 15th January


Duration                                             : 1 Year


Intakes                                                : October, April


Currency Conversion: 1 Euro = Rs.75 Approx.



 Documents Required for Applying:

Ø  Completed application form

Ø  Updated CV

Ø  Statement of Purpose (SOP)

Ø  Two Letters of Recommendation

Ø  10th & 12th std. mark-sheets

Ø  Semester-wise mark-sheets of Bachelor’s Degree/Transcripts

Ø  Degree Certificate or Provisional Degree Certificate

Ø  Passport Copy – First and Last Page

Ø  Work Experience certificate (if any)

Ø  Passport size photograph (scanned)

Ø  Skype id of the student

Ø  IELTS Score  5


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