STUDY IN FRANCE: EPITA – Boost your Career in Engineering from 5th Ranking School of France!!!

Study in  france EPITA

Top Reasons for Choosing EPITA

  • Triple Accredited by EUR-ACE
  • Accredited by ECOLE
  • Accredited by the French Ministry of Higher Education
  • Offer Employment up to 90% Paid Internship On up to 37,000 Euros
  • 80% – 90% Student secure get job in Internship Com
Programs offered by EPITA

  • Bachelors of Computer Science
  • ME/MSc in computer Security
  • ME/MSc in information Systems management
  • ME/MSc in Software Engineering


Tuition Fees

  • Bachelor : 9.00 Euros PA
  • MSc : 12.400 Euros
  • ME : 8690 Euros* PA


About France

  • 3rd Leading Host Country for Higher Study
  • Highly Reputed for Quality Education
  • Sixth Largest Economy
  • Housing Allowance up to 40% to International Students by French Government
  • Paris Ranked as the best Student city – in 2015/16 by QS – 96% employer activity
Course Duration

  • Bachelors : 3 Years
  • MSc : 16 Months
  • ME : 24 Months


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Bangor University in UK – Ranked no.1 in UK for Banking & Finance

BANGOR University

Golden opportunity to apply one of the top ranks University in UK for management courses.

University of Bangor London Campus and has been ranked on 1st by Financial times Ranking chart for MSc in Banking and Finance and MSc in Finance. 

They have also placed on 12th rank in world. They also have MBA course with internship program. Please go through the following mail which we received from University


No. 1 in the UK for Accounting & Finance (including Banking)

Apply for TOP Ranking Finance courses in the  WORLD – Apply for Sep 2012





MBA Banking and Finance



MBA Islamic Banking and Finance



Chartered Banker MBA



Chartered Banker MBA (Accelerated



Chartered Banker MBA (Super
Accelerated Route)



MSc Finance


Ranked 12th in
th WORLD – FT Rankings



MSc Banking and Finance

Ranked No. 1 in the UK

Ranked No. 11 in the WORLD – FT Rankings



MSc International Banking and Development Finance



  Duration: All Masters and MBA are ONE year only.

  First B School to offer Chartered Banker MBA: Bangor Business School is the only institution in the UK to offer the Chartered Banker MBA, a ground-breaking new qualification that enables individuals to gain the dual award of a top MBA in Banking and Finance and the coveted ‘Chartered Banker’ status – the highest professional award available to bankers worldwide.

 MBA Internships: MBA students at Bangor Business School London Centre are able to apply for internships with a number of leading banking organizations, including a number of well-known international banks. Through these placements, students are offered the opportunity to experience the world of practical banking at first hand. Internships are normally undertaken at the end of the academic course. Placements are limited and must be applied for on a competitive basis. Details of the application process are supplied to students during the course of their MBA studies.

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Benefits of Abroad Education !!!

Parents Just Don’t Understand! Help Your Parents Understand the Importance of Studying Abroad    


You want to go abroad, but you think your parents won’t understand why you should go.  Share the following 3 benefits of study abroad with your parents:

Reason 1: Studying abroad will enhance your resume and can make you more employable

By studying abroad, you will gain skills that employer’s value
such as cross-cultural communication and competency as well as the ability to adapt to unfamiliar situations.  Remind your parents that when you
graduate you will be competing for jobs and for spots in graduate school with students not only your own institution but from around the world. Studying abroad can be the thing that gives you an edge over your competition locally and internationally.

Reason 2: Studying abroad is academically beneficial

Whether it’s studying a foreign language, taking courses not
offered at your home university or learning a different style of teaching, study abroad offers countless academic benefits. Talking to your parents about the academic aspect of study abroad will show them that going abroad will enhance your academic experience and be beneficial for you now and in the future.

Reason 3: Studying abroad will increase independence and your self-confidence

You’ve probably heard the saying that if you can make it in New
York, you can make it anywhere. We disagree.  If you can make it in
Beijing, Istanbul, London, or Rio de Janeiro you can make it anywhere! Whether it’s navigating through a city where you don’t speak the language or simply dealing with and resolving conflict in another culture, let your parents know that studying abroad will help you build independence, increase self-confidence and be better prepared to face future challenges.

In addition to these three benefits be ready to answer these questions your parents may have about study abroad:

Why do you want to go abroad?

Will it be safe?

How much will it cost?

Will it delay your graduation?

Where do you want to go? Why?

How will we stay in contact?

Ultimately you know your parents the best. Think about what
questions they ask about study abroad and be ready to answer them.

Learn more about study abroad benefits:

For your parents, make sure they learn more about study abroad for parents here: